5 things to do before a nutritionist appointment?

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Did you ever experience how it is to go for a nutritionist appointment and leave without anything? Most of our patients come unaware of things they should prepare before an appointment. Don’t forget that you want to give your nutritionist the best possible picture of your health and your problem. This article will present a couple of basic things that will make your next visit beneficial and smooth.

1. Bloodwork

If you wish to have an accurate diagnosis, you should not look any further than your bloodwork. You need to look into your blood to achieve any great weight loss or nutrition strategy. Your nutritionist must feel confident to decide about any change in your diet and lifestyle. Your blood work is not only an indicator of your blood and health condition but also an amazing indicator for your allegories. Using proper markers you will be able to find out what food you can eat and what you can’t. There are over 100 different food allegories and the more you know, the better. Check the article written by healthline.com to find out the most common strategies. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/common-food-allergies. For example, any patient visiting Nutritionist Maurice Lewicki- Weight Loss Clinic Specialist in Miami is always required to make bloodwork before a visit.

Below you can find basic markers: 

Below you can find basic markers: Complete Blood Count (CBC), Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP), Iron and Total Iron Binding, Capacity (TIBC), Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin), Folate, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), Zinc, Ferrit, Albumin/globulin.

2. Health History

Let’s you try to sell a car, ask yourself important is its history? When it comes to health, it’s nothing different. Any nutritionist must know your health history. For any nutritionist to be able to predict your health, he needs to know your history, the history of your allergies, the history of your sicknesses, history of your family’s health. Any respected nutritionist will always pay a lot of attention to health history. Before the appointment, make sure to prepare any hospital records, papers from your physician, anything that is related to your health it’s magic better to bring too many papers than too few. Be sure that everything is made in a chronological way so that the appointment goes smoothly. If you want to learn how to get your health records, check healthhit.gov and learn more. For example, before an appointment with Nutritionist Maurice Lewicki- Weight Loss Clinic Specialist in Miami , the team always makes sure that every single detail is properly prepared so that you can check everything instantly.

3. Set Real Expectations

Perhaps the most common factor causing many diets to fail before they even start is a mental mindset. It’s important to realize how crucial our mental health is in regards to nutrition, or simply saying any type of diet. Whether it’s bulking or a cut, you need to realize that the effects of changing nutrition habits don’t come quickly. Furthermore, it’s impossible to predict how fast you will see particular effects. You probably saw these headlines- “14 days fasting to lose 20 pounds.” The good news is that it’s better than nothing, however, any short-term habit won’t lead to long-term results. For proper results,

it’s sometimes beneficial to wait. For example Nutritionist Maurice Lewicki- Weight Loss Clinic Specialist in Miami concentrates as much on your mindset as on your actual food. You need to realize that sooner or later you will achieve your goal, the sooner you realize that faster is not better, the happier life you will lead. Check this article made by a DietDoctor to learn more https://www.dietdoctor.com/weight-loss/realistic-expectations

4. Research

 How do you know you have found the right specialist? For example, in Miami, there are over 200 nutritionists advertising themselves on Google. On the internet, you can find another 1000s of ads of people identifying themselves as nutritionists(mostly scammers). After all, you choose one and booked a consultation, what then? Should this be over of your search through nutritionists in Miami? Let us answer this question for you- no. There are over 45 types of specializations with nutritionists. After your first visit, or even before, make sure that you found the right specialist. We say after because sometimes it’s impossible to say who is who. Fortunately Nutritionist Maurice Lewicki- Weight Loss Clinic Specialist in Miami is always transparent, offering discovery calls before making booking an appointment. We don’t want just clients, we want the right clients. If we can’t help you or we know someone who can do a better job in a particular case than us, we will tell you that. Don’t rely just on one dietitian or specialist, rely on a couple of them. A good habit is to look at Google Reviews. Google has an amazing system detecting fraud reviews, so that you can be sure you see the opinions of real clients. Of course, the more you see, the better. Check nutritionists near you now on google Nutritionist Near Me on Google

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