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5 Reasons Why Tennis is the Perfect Sport for Everyone

5 Reasons Why Tennis Lessons are Perfect for Everyone Tennis is a sport that is loved by many and for good reason. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, taking tennis lessons can offer you a lot of benefits. Here are 5 reasons why tennis lessons are perfect for everyone: Tennis lessons provide a […]

20 Things You Need To Know About Great Tennis Coaches

20 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT GREAT TENNIS COACHES You have probably heard that to play tennis at an enjoyable level, the first thing you should do is hire a coach. As we use to say in Tennis School & Tennis Lessons by Miami Sports Center– there is nothing else you should worry about […]


HOW TO STAY ON A DIET? TOP 10 TIPS BY OUR NUTRITIONIST HOW TO STAY ON A DIET? TOP10 TIPS BY OUR NUTRITIONIST TIP NUMBER 1 Drink lots of water or other calorie-free liquids. Drink a glass of water first, then go into that bag of chips. People can mistake thirst for hunger, which can […]

How to Choose The Best Tennis Racket

Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Tennis Racket Head size Power is closely correlated with head size; given all other factors being equal, a larger head will produce more power than a smaller head. Additionally, a bigger head provides a bigger sweet spot and hitting area, which increases the forgiveness of off-center smashes. Today’s […]

How to Dress for Tennis in Florida

tennis clothing
How to Dress for Tennis in Florida When dressing for tennis, you should wear clothing that has been specifically designed for the challenges of the sport. It will be stretchy and allow sweat to pass through easily. You should wear tennis shoes with non-marking soles. If it is colder, you may add leggings or underlayers […]

Top 6 Tips For New Tennis Players

Tennis clothing
Many of us look at professional tennis tournaments like Wimbledon or US Open and think how wonderful sport tennis is. Some of us see local tennis courts packed with people and wonder why can’t I start? The simple answer is- there is no reason why you should not start. To help you, let us mention […]

5 things to do before a nutritionist appointment?

Did you ever experience how it is to go for a nutritionist appointment and leave without anything? Most of our patients come unaware of things they should prepare before an appointment. Don’t forget that you want to give your nutritionist the best possible picture of your health and your problem. This article will present a […]

5 Reasons Why Swimming Coach is a Great Idea

Swimming Class
During your adulthood, you probably don’t think many times about how you learned how to swim. Did your parents through you to the lake and said swim? Did they spend time with you to learn how to swim? Or maybe you did not learn how to swim until now? Whatever the answer is, you might […]