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Top 6 Tips For New Tennis Players

Many of us look at professional tennis tournaments like Wimbledon or US Open and think how wonderful sport tennis is. Some of us see local tennis courts packed with people and wonder why can’t I start? The simple answer is- there is no reason why you should not start. To help you, let us mention the top 6 tips when starting your tennis journey.

1. Tennis Lessons

Probably one of the most often missed things when starting to play tennis is taking tennis classes. If you want to start playing tennis correctly and don’t hurt yourself, you should never save on an excellent tennis instructor. it’s crucial to learn basics, that you can then explore and expand while playing with friends or partners, great tennis, instructor, and culture help you to get through the most simple techniques and roles of tennis. For example at Tennis Lessons & Tennis School by Miami Sports Center instructors always make sure to first play and learn from drills before you start playing against each other, never miss this at all, and remember to contact your nearest coach before you start.

Tennis Lessons & Tennis School by Miami Sports Center


2. Raquet

As some people say- great equipment is 50% of success. Fortunately, tennis is a very accessible discipline. The initial cost is very little, however, if you want to spend money on something- pay attention to the racquet, you can do a lot of harm to yourself or your technique if you have the wrong size or wrong tension in your rocket. Make sure that you consulted with a local tennis player or your coach before you decide on how to choose a particular one. Every school and coach should recommend the proper equipment and help with the rest of the staff.


3. Warm up and cool down

Never miss a warm-up and cool-down process, it’s a simple process that can involve some jogging and some hand movement, skips, or circles with hands. It’s crucial to remember not to stretch before the exercise you should always stretch after during the cold out, remember about proper recovery, it starts with a cooldown process. Any tennis coach should recommend the proper routine feel free to ask at Tennis Lessons & Tennis School by Miami Sports Center to get the best tips on the technique secrets. Check also the article made by to learn more tips about the cool down. Link to the article.


4. Practice

Once you started and finished your first tennis lessons, it’s time to think about practice. Never miss the opportunity to play tennis and enjoy it as much as possible. Remember to choose tennis partners wisely, and carefully. Not always a better player means a better choice. It’s more

advantageous to play at a similar or just slightly higher level, not immediately play with the ATP player. If you want to learn more about tennis possibilities around you visit the website Global Tennis Network


5. Stay Patient

That’s right, Tennis is one of the few spots that requires so much patience, gratitude, respect for your partners, and respect for your time and work. If you train hard, the results come, however, it never happens instantly. Any progress in tennis comes with time and it requires a lot of work to reach that level you desire. Make sure that you always approach the workout with a positive attitude and that tennis is fun for you. If you are not a professional player, you can’t think about tennis as something that you have to do if that’s the case, it means that you do something wrong or disport is simply not for you. Check the best mental exercises at the website we recommend-


6. Always learn technique first

Everybody wants to start playing as soon as possible, it excites us, and after all, it’s our ultimate goal when we choose to play tennis. You have to remember that the most harm you can do to yourself is to start playing too soon, too fast. Every single coach, make sure that you first take care of your basic technique before you go out there and play along on the court. Make sure that when you start playing tennis with friends or competitors, you remember that sometimes more important than the point is technique. After all, we are in a long-term game and learning tennis is not a sprint but a marathon. Check the article made by to see the best technique tips you can get


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Those are 5 basic steps to help you identify a great tennis school academy. Be sure to follow them, don’t hesitate to ask difficult questions and you will be good to go. Always trust your gut and make sure you choose the best company for you. There is nothing better than spending money on a great service that teaches you a lot. Investment in your tennis skills is a wonderful investment that you should never regret. Be sure to check our website for all of our services and hope to see you soon on the court. Tennis Academy and Swimming School by Miami Sports Center

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