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What should you expect from a tennis coach? Why should you hire one?

Choosing a tennis coach can be as challenging as finding the right doctor- there is no perfect recipe. You can look at the Google or Yelp rankings but soon after that, you will realize that many schools are closed or use unfair techniques to get you as a client. 

A real coach will show his passion and knowledge to ensure you succeed. Many coaches clock in and clock out and that’s where their role ends. Today we want to equip you with the knowledge that will help you recognize and choose the perfect coach for you.

1. Always call and talk with a human

We can’t stress it enough. You can’t believe everything you see on the internet. Sometime s tennis schools’ very simple and plain websites turn out to be the best at what they do. On the other hand, sometimes the most advanced websites are only a nice work of a programmer that was hired to do the job. For example, at Tennis Academy by Miami Sports Center, we always make sure that clients speak with instructors and that they both connect well. For any relationship to work, you need to make sure that you know the people you are about to work with. An honest company will always do it for you. Being invited to speak with a tennis coach before the first class is a nice indication that the tennis school is caring about your success. Any player should rely on his coach and an honest conversation is the best way to do so.

2. Read Reviews

One amazing tool Google gives is a very trustworthy filter of reviews. Every school can post tons of unreal information on its page. Nobody can do anything about that. What we can do is use the google or yelp review section. After years and years of enhancements, Google and Yelp have amazing filters preventing fake and spam reviews. You can be sure that 99% of reviews are real. Pay attention to what people say. Look for names, and words describing coaches. It can give you a pretty good image of what a particular tennis coach out attention to, what his workout looks like, and most importantly how people like it. In Tennis Academy and Swimming School by Miami Sports Center, we always make sure that customers say not only positive but also share their negative feelings. We are all just humans and we should make sure to learn from every possible mistake.

3. Ask about the extra things/services included in price?

We all know that big company has one advantage- they are more likely to collaborate and offer extra series at a discounted rate. Big sports teams or companies always give clients something to make sure he is fully satisfied not only with a given service but also to promote the idea of superiority over a competition. Tennis academies are no different. When you call to tennis school always ask what exactly extra you receive. Should you bring a racquet with you? Do they have nets for kids? Is the court fee included in the price? Those are all the details you need to keep in mind. For example, at Tennis Academy and Swimming School by Miami Sports Center all of our clients are supplied with everything they need. From water to r racquets. All the player needs to bring is a great attitude and a sense of humor. Make sure that you call tennis companies and ask about it. It’s your right and be sure to use it.

4. Make sure that you ask about one class to try out.

Never buy the idea that you need to buy a package of 10 classes immediately. A confident swimming school and coaches will always allow and encourage you to try and make sure you love the class and the service. Only untrustworthy companies focused only on your money will force you to buy a package of 8 or 10 classes upfront. A professional company will make sure that you first like their service and then you will be an even more valuable client for them. A great tennis company wants convinced clients that will stay long-term. A player that was forced to buy 8 class package of tennis classes is not likely to stay long-term and be happy with a coach. The decision cannot be rushed. A great tennis academy, like Tennis Academy and Swimming School by Miami Sports Center, should encourage you to first try and then if you like it- buy more.

5. How to understand pricing? The higher price, the better?

Pricing and the rules of payment can tell you a lot about the company. Many companies want to get as much as possible for as little work as possible. How should you understand pricing rules at a tennis school company? Firstly, any reputable company would not agree to negotiate their rates. If you try to ask for a reduced price, you should expect to hear only one answer- I am sorry, we can’t do it because we don’t do it for other clients. If you found a company that gives you a 50% discount at a start, be sure about one- you found amateurs that need money. In Florida, the demand is high enough that most tennis school don’t negotiate their prices. Why? They don’t need to because if they do their job right, they have enough clients to operate fully at normal pricing. For example, at Tennis Academy and Swimming School by Miami Sports Center, we make sure that we maximize the experience and extras instead of giving a 30% discount for new clients. Let’s be real- if the school offers you 40% discounted rate, how much do they pay their coaches? After all, they need to cover the expenses of the company, coaches, and insurance and court fees. If the price is too attractive- be real, you should smell that something is off.

Those are 5 basic steps to help you identify a great tennis school academy. Be sure to follow them, don’t hesitate to ask difficult questions and you will be good to go. Always trust your gut and make sure you choose the best company for you. There is nothing better than spending money on a great service that teaches you a lot. Investment in your tennis skills is a wonderful investment that you should never regret. Be sure to check our website for all of our services and hope to see you soon on the court. Tennis Academy and Swimming School by Miami Sports Center

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