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Tennis Pro Development

Every athlete chooses between 2 to 5 workouts a week, based on a coach’s recommendation. The Player receives a nutritionist consultation and a weekly nutrition plan.

The Pro Development plan is our most advanced and personalized offer for a player who wants to: compete, train, and feel like a pro, and maximize the training potential to the full extent.

Pro Development is our program for advanced players training for tournaments and amateur-professional matches.

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Quality Courses for All

To sign up for lessons or programs, please use the “Book Now” form available on our website. Once we receive your request, one of our representatives will promptly reach out to you through your preferred contact method.
Before committing to any of our packages, we invite you to experience our teaching with a complimentary first session. If you decide to continue with one of our packages, the cost of the first session will be incorporated into that package, resulting in a more favorable rate. Should you find that it’s not the right fit for you, you can simply opt for a single session at the regular price.
Yes, you can participate in group lessons with friends or partners. Our private sessions can accommodate up to four people. The pricing is straightforward, with a single-session base rate and a minimal additional fee of $10 for each extra participant.

If you need to cancel a lesson, please note that there is a 24-hour cancellation window. You can cancel anytime up to a day before the session; later cancellation is considered late. The lesson would be charged as if it had happened. Thank you for your understanding; this rule is imposed because of respect for our coaches who plan their schedule in advance, often denying options to others because of a scheduled session.

We take pride in being the only tennis school in Miami to provide everything you need. Our coaches have rackets on hand, and we offer all the necessary equipment. This is particularly convenient for tourists and visitors to Miami, ensuring you have everything you need to get started.
All our coaches are certified by the USA Tennis Division and are qualified to coach players at all levels, including professional. Our team comprises experienced and skilled coaches dedicated to helping you excel in your tennis journey.


Fundamentals Program- renowned as our most successful offering, is tailored for tennis enthusiasts at the beginning of their journey. Whether you’re a complete novice or looking to brush up on the basics, this program is your gateway to regular play. Designed for those aiming to hit the court once or twice a week, our Fundamentals Program lays the foundation for your tennis adventure, ensuring you gain the skills and confidence to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Overall tennis development

Service motion

Live ball playability

Footwork specific training



Coach/player interaction

Having fun while tennis

First lesson at no-risk, 100% Guaranteed

No matter what your plans are- first session comes always at no-risk. We guarantee satisfaction and it’s your right to try before choosing any package.


NCAA College Tennis Pathway is the program we are the most proud of. Parent’s favorite program where we take care of it all.









439$ A WEEK



during the week.


tournaments/50+ matches.


in Online contact with your coach.

Top talent

and tour-level coaching.

University placement program

with many active NCAA scholarship players.

College tours

at the Univeristy of Miami

Receive a Meal Plan

to stay on top of your nutrition